Our focus is on market access strategy for new pharmaceuticals, bio-technologies, diagnostics, preventative approaches and digital health technologies.

Evidence planning, Evidence repository development + HTA requirement mapping, Evidence uncertainty impact assessment
Early Scientific Advice process, Value proposition and value message development, HTA and payer validation of RWE differentiation in price and access
Price and Contracting
Early pricing corridor, Launch pricing Opportunity assessment / forecasting, Value attribute pricing, Funding Public relations support and public opinion assessment
Value Contingency
Value message assessment in pre- and post-launch, Opportunity assessment of local rebate and contracting approaches, Value maintenance strategy for regions in key markets
Service Techniques
In-house assessment, Advisory boards – virtual and F2F, GAP analysis, SWOT, WAR Gaming, PEST, Landscape assessments, Primary research, Data analysis
National payer network across US, Europe, Asia and South America, Local payer networks in Europe, Canada and US
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