Our Core Values


We focus on win-win solutions because they are the lynchpin of healthcare system sustainability. Good health requires not only sustainable healthcare systems, but also a healthy world. Our business success is rooted in the strive for sustainability, for the solutions we create for clients and how we work as a team. We actively provide our share. Ascenian supports Trees for Cities and OneTreePlanted and plants up to 7 trees in the US, France and Germany every year.


We are open and genuine in our approach, and prioritize your business concerns; when we commit we are fully at your side.


We are proud of our expertise, and individual achievements and are enthusiastic for the opportunity to share all of that with you. We deliver in the most rigorous and accurate manner. We do what we commit to in the highest excellence.


We act with empathy and listen to all people – within the company, with our clients, and within wider society.

Let’s work together.
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