Optimized decision planning to accelerate patient access to health innovations

Ascenian is a platform of experts delivering decision planning solutions in evidence generation, optimal positioning of new treatments in budget, funding and care pathways, price negotiations and continuous value demonstration planning, to ensure access to affordable innovations for patients, carers and health systems.

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The need for optimized decision planning in market access

Over the last 5 years payer requirements increased exponentially in complexity along different types of new molecules, from cell to gene and combination treatments, and situations, from orphan status to molecules with a degree of uncertainty or complex competitor presentation.

During the same time there has also been a push for affordability and tighter management of levels of access of already launch molecules. As demands evolve, timely access to health technology innovation requires targeted decision planning support.

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I found the workshop a great success regarding content, results and atmosphere.
The team at Ascenian are my go-to supplier when I am in need of payer-related research insights. Payer-related work is a core capability for this group and they have a depth of experience and relationships that always end up meeting and often exceeding the insight needs of our HEOR and brand teams. They are also a pleasure to work with – with great attention to detail and guidance along the way that makes our studies and stimuli better.
Thank you very much for your important support on this project. I will be very happy to consider you for future collaborations.
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